Galicia mágica 3 enclaves extraños


Baarle-nassau border

We get mystical and esoteric to look for some of the most evocative Galician corners. Built by the hand of man or natural enclaves to which a special meaning has been attributed since the beginning of time, their mixture of history and legend traces the map of a territory prone as few others to mystery and hidden meanings.
Neither Romanization nor Christianization managed to put an end to the primitive cults that worshipped nature and its elements. In fact, Christianity, instead of fighting them directly, often opted for the expeditious method of placing a cross or a virgin on the ancient places of worship and thus transform devotion to a rock, a fountain or a forest into something more orthodox.
We are crazy about those places where architecture and nature intermingle and this is the perfect example (so perfect that it was about to become a ruin devoured by the forest as a result of neglect). Here we find a monastery built at the dawn of the Middle Ages on and around a rock that immediately refers to early Christianity, to hermits who prayed in solitude and to literally get inside the earth to achieve a greater connection with our spiritual part. Its anthropomorphic tombs and the silhouette of its bell tower crowning the rock are hard to forget. Of course there is no lack of references to the fact that it was a place of worship before Christianization, which makes it one of the most evocative points of the already very evocative and poetic Ribeira sacra ourensana.

India-bangladesh enclaves

This route follows paths in the heart of Galicia, where the provinces of Pontevedra, Lugo and Ourense meet to take us on a mystical journey through magical sanctuaries located in beautiful natural landscapes.
We begin the first day in the Terras do Deza, a landscape flanked by the Torre de Cira, where the remains of the fortress where Queen Urraca held Xelmirez prisoner in the 12th century. Among forests, waterfalls and pazos, we stop to discover the pre-Romanesque richness of the monastery of Camanzo and its well-preserved frescoes. Founded by the Counts of Deza, from the monastery you can enjoy good views of the Ulla river valley.
We continue our journey to the monastery of Carboeiro, in the municipality of Silleda. This monastery, located in a natural and isolated environment, perfectly fulfilled its function as a meditation refuge for the monks who lived there centuries ago. The building, built on a high ground and surrounded by a meander of the Deza river, allows us to contact directly with the heritage and medieval history of Galicia, of which you can get more details during guided tours that tell the architecture and history of this monument. It was the disciples of Master Mateo, architect of the Pórtico da Gloria of the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, who put their stamp on this jewel of the Galician Romanesque ogival style…

Municipio de baarle-nassaum en los países bajos

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