Baños széchenyi budapest hungría

Baños széchenyi budapest hungría



Inaugurado en 1913, el baño neobarroco Széchenyi es uno de los baños termales más fascinantes del mundo. Relájese en las aguas termales naturales, las saunas y las piscinas al aire libre con entradas sin colas.
El Balneario Széchenyi cuenta con 15 piscinas interiores y 3 exteriores, una piscina de diversión al aire libre, una piscina exterior con jacuzzi, 10 saunas y salas de vapor, varias terapias de masaje, aeróbic acuático, tratamientos contra la celulitis y muchos otros tratamientos de belleza.
El Balneario Széchenyi está abierto todos los días de 9 a 22 horas.  Tenga en cuenta que algunos tratamientos de belleza, como los masajes, y zonas como los baños de vapor cierran a las 19 horas. El horario de apertura se reduce los días 24, 25, 26, 31 de diciembre y 1 de enero.
Debe recoger su entrada en el mostrador de bienvenida entre las 9 y las 17 horas. Cuando recoja el billete en el mostrador de bienvenida, deberá canjearlo por la entrada al balneario en las taquillas del complejo termal.

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It is located in the Municipal Park, in front of the Grand Circus behind the Heroes’ Square. It is the largest and most important of all the thermal spas on the Pest side, with its numerous indoor and outdoor pools.
Tickets are full day (from 09:00 hours) and valid until 19:00 hours. Important note: in order to validate your voucher and exchange it at the entrance you will need to arrive at the welcome desk by 16:55.
Cancellation conditionsCancellations are not allowed for this activity but you can change the date at no extra cost if it is the same type of product and when there is availability. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can confirm the change of your reservation.

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The location of the city of Budapest, on a fault, makes that thermal waters sprout from the subsoil in several points of the city, which has made in total we find more than 400 springs and 120 thermal sources throughout the city.
The water that supplies the spa springs from more than 1200 meters deep, at an approximate temperature of about 76 ºC.  The pools have different degrees of temperature, from cold, to the hottest ones that reach up to 40 ºC.
The prices may seem a bit confusing, because we have many options to choose from depending on the type of ticket we buy, so first we will explain them, and then we will give you the detailed prices.
Another of the options we can choose is between getting a locker, and make use of the common changing rooms, or get a ticket with cabin or private changing room to change, an option that we chose to go with the little ones.
In a city that is known as the City of Spas, we have many options to choose from, depending on the type of traveler that we are, maybe it fits more with our interests. We talk about the three most recommended options, although there are many more.

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In Budapest there are 123 thermal springs and more than 400 springs, so the city is an important thermal center and a must destination for spa lovers. And the waters of Budapest are not only famous for fun or relaxation, they are also waters rich in minerals ideal for treating various ailments: arthritis, muscle and joint pain, poor circulation … And they also say they are the perfect cure for hangovers.
The Géllert has 8 pools, one of them outdoor, whose waters are between 19 and 38 degrees. In any case, we’ve read that beyond the main indoor pool, the rest are not particularly worthwhile.
Although the exterior building doesn’t look like much, its location facing the Danube and its main pool make them an interesting option, although we will always recommend the Szechenyi.
Being inside the hotel, the opening hours depend on the hotel, but it is open daily from 6:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 21:00. Hotel guests get discounted admission, but if you are not, the cheapest rate is 2,240 HUF for 3 hours. Here is more information on prices: