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La duración del viaje en tren entre Zamora y Puebla de Sanabria es de unos 31 minutos y cubre una distancia de unos 106 km. El tren más rápido suele tardar 31 min. Operado por Renfe Viajeros, el servicio de tren de Zamora a Puebla de Sanabria sale de Zamora y llega a Puebla De Sanabria Llegada. Suelen circular 25 trenes semanales, aunque los horarios de los fines de semana y los días festivos pueden variar, por lo que debe comprobarlo con antelación.
El excelente y extenso sistema ferroviario español conecta ciudades de toda España y de los países vecinos. Los trenes AVE de Renfe pueden alcanzar velocidades de hasta 350 km/h, lo que hace que los viajes entre las principales ciudades sean muy eficientes. Todos los trenes de media y larga distancia requieren una reserva de asiento; la venta de billetes para estos trenes suele abrirse entre 30 y 60 días antes del viaje. La mayoría de los trenes de Renfe tienen dos clases: Turista (2ª clase) y Preferente (1ª clase), aunque algunos trenes AVE ofrecen Turista Plus. Hay WiFi gratuito para los pasajeros de Preferente y para los que tienen la tarjeta de fidelidad +Renfe.

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The passenger building will have a vestibule and boarding area, ticket sales area with 2 points of sale and a customer service booth, as well as ticket vending machines. There will be an access road from the N-525 road, which in turn connects with the Rías Baixas highway (A-52).
To access the tracks there will be two passenger platforms 410 m long and 6 m wide, equipped with protective canopies and non-slip pavement. An overpass in the form of a footbridge will be built between the two platforms to enable communication between them and the passenger building, with stairs and an access ramp.
As for the internal Adif staff quarters, a control and surveillance center for safety and fire prevention installations, a clean point and changing rooms and toilets for staff will be set up.
We conclude this report on the high speed station of Sanabria with some explanations about its construction and personal reflection of our Grupo Tren Zamora about this infrastructure because of the criticized it has been.

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In this sense, and despite the satisfaction for the maintenance of the line with Zamora, neighbors of Sanabria and its surroundings yesterday showed their regret for the suppression of the line with Ourense, and several associations in the area have called a demonstration in the town of Zamora today at 17.00 hours.
Unlike what happened in Zamora, in Ourense practically no protests have been registered since the announcement of the suppression of the train, except for the pronouncements of Concellos and Diputación against the cuts in rail services. Yesterday the BNG called a rally in front of Empalme station, under the slogan ‘Que non nos rouben o tren!’.

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Ballesteros, like many people from Sanabria, do not understand the delay in opening the halt of Otero de Sanabria, when most of the train stations are put into operation before completing the works, such as the one in Medina del Campo.
And when the Sanabria-Alta Velocidad station opens in Otero? José Rodríguez anticipates that many travelers will be forced to take a cab to get to the nearest town, making the train ticket another 20 euros more expensive. This traveler believes that the line car that links Ribadelago-Zamora should pass through Otero to pick up passengers. “And I hope there is a defibrillator because the station is in the middle of the countryside,” he ironizes.
Passengers in the region have also been complaining for months about Renfe’s lousy service on the regional express MD Puebla de Sanabria-Zamora-Valladolid. The train does not have an auditor, so the passengers who get on the wagons are not accounted for, do not have a ticket and do not have compulsory insurance.