Xiaomi mi 9t pro media markt


Xiaomi mi 9t pro media markt

Xiaomi redmi note 9t media markt

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The Media Markt Super Select S is an exclusive offer of the Media-Saturn Group (the Super Select cell phone rates are also available with smartphones) and an all-net flat rate, which is normally packed with 3 GB data volume. On special offer, it is currently 6 GB, the connection price is € 29.99 [read more].
With the latest generation of the A3, ZTE is once again totally poaching in the entry-level segment below €100: The ZTE Blade A3 2020 has been on the market since April – and started at just under €80 RRP. There is not that much room for improvement. Nevertheless, we hope for one or the other [read more].

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report it here.Ratings4.512884.5(1288)Rate this productUser photosView all picturesUser ratingsUser reviewsPositive user reviews5137 out of 145 users found this usefulalkats on 09/06/2020 verified purchase Having owned this phone for 10 days now, I can say the following:
Sound: Just satisfactory to good.Did you find it useful?YesNoReportMoreReported by users256 out of 80 users found it usefulgeorpapa13 on 14/06/2020As a former owner of the Redmi Note 6 Pro I can say that I have seen a difference in the main camera and battery for the better with this model but I want to share with you a major problem along with a temporary solution that I found.
The selfie camera unfortunately even with beautification disabled puts out poor quality photos with the sharpness and saturation being quite low many times to the point that it reminds me of an old time camera since the image looks kind of blurry and distorted(blurry) and the colors look like grayed out(washed out).