Buenos dias canto yo letra

Buenos dias canto yo letra


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I love it!!! I didn’t know it. I am Argentinean and I have Italian citizenship. I knew the land of my nonos, their places of origin and I fell in love forever. This song, I do not know if it has political overtones, maybe yes, so it speaks of a partigian president, but it is beautiful, politics does not interest me. Thanks for the translation. I understand Italian, I speak some but I am self taught, only.This song I received it by Whatsapp and I loved it, I looked for it on the internet and I found it. Thank you very much.
Beautiful song, the political concept that from it is transmitted should not be indifferent to those who have enjoyed it.To those who liked the theme I suggest looking for A night in Naples.I have no Italian ascenfencia, but I am seduced by all the songs that reflect the feeling of each people.


The editors of Bebés y más and the rest of the group have compiled some of our favorite lullabies, the ones that we and our children will always remember, from traditional lullabies to modern songs with special meaning for us that we have turned into lullabies. What is for you that favorite lullaby that you will always remember?
Laura Guerrero: “My children’s favorite is not a lullaby per se, but a version of the ducklings’ song, the one that says “The ducklings in the water wagged their little tails and one to the other they said oh what a cool water”. I sing it to them in slow motion without the lyrics and it relaxes them…”.

Cancion de buenos dias amiguitos como estan letra

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There is no unanimity about the place and date of his birth. The Uruguayanist hypothesis holds that he was born in Tacuarembó (Uruguay), a December 11 between 1883 and 1887. The French hypothesis holds that he was born in Toulouse (France) on December 11, 1890.
In 2003 Gardel’s voice was registered by Unesco in the Memory of the World program, dedicated to the preservation of documents belonging to the historical heritage of the peoples of the world.[10] At the same time, his voice and his memory are alluded to with the phrase “every day, he sings better”.[11] The date and country of birth of Gardel was recorded by Unesco.
The date and country of Gardel’s birth is subject to historical controversies (see section Controversies about his birthplace). For the Uruguayan hypothesis he was born in Tacuarembó (Uruguay) between 1883 and 1887, while for the French hypothesis he was born in Toulouse (France) in 1890. As a consequence of these discrepancies, each of the hypotheses sustains different stories about the facts of his childhood and adolescence.