Mandalas matematicas para primaria

Mandalas matematicas para primaria


Regular pentagon

Do you find math so boring? Solving one exercise after another on those stupid worksheets. So outdated! Two future teachers of mathematics at the Artevelde University College Ghent joined forces to put an end to this once and for all. They developed material so that pupils from 1B can practise the basic skills of mathematics in a playful way.
The purpose of the math game is to ensure that students can practice addition, subtraction and multiplication of natural numbers in a fun way. The game can be played with one to three players.
Each student chooses a box of 8 caps in a color they like. All students are given a wooden stick and a wooden block to put together. Each student is also given a scrapbook and a ballpoint pen. Each student takes turns rolling the three dice. After the dice are rolled, they are placed on the board that has the same colors as the dice. In this way, an operation appears. Each student tries to solve the operation (in case of difficulties, he/she can use the scrapbook to do so). Then, as quickly as possible, the students place one of their caps on the correct answer on the game board. When it is correct (checked by the facilitator), the fastest student can put the cap on the stick. The goal is to get all the caps on their sticks as quickly as possible.

Circle, radius and center point

Push your limits with lines fun.  The six mandalas are wonderful drawings to lose yourself in anyway. But there is more…Each design has a deeper meaning. They symbolize an inner process. The theme of the mandala is of course the sun. Your inner sun. It will shine in the mandalas of this summer course. Nothing heavy floaty or hocus pocus. You probably already know me a little. I touch the subjects, give you a door and you can always decide for yourself if you want to look behind that inner door. To support each lesson there is a relaxation exercise in the form of a guided meditation recorded by me.    Just relax your mind completely.  Chakra mandala Gemma van der HorstIslamic design Ingrid KokYantra Lucia Koek

Mandalas matematicas para primaria 2021

Every Friday, 6A has crafts. We are now working on drawing beams and circles. With the beams, you have 2 help lines. There we had to draw 2 parallel lines. The rest we had to erase. Then we had to draw from the 2 outer lines to the other side of the sheet. We had to choose 3 colors after the beams were done. One color for the bottom, one color for the top and one color for the middle. We found it very fun to do. The master helped us a little bit because it was not easy to make. We are now working on drawing mandalas with a compass. That mandala was divided with types of layers. At the end it looks exactly like a flower. And in that flower we drew more flowers. At the end we have to color the mandala. The edges with a marker and the inside with a pencil. All this was and is very nice!

Mandalas matematicas para primaria del momento

Although mandalas look pretty complicated with all those lines, dots and shapes, drawing them is easier than you think. Even for novice drafters! Follow these simple steps and…
Mandala is a word from Sanskrit. This ancient language is not easy to translate, but mandala in it means something like circle or wheel. The mandala is a symbol of infinity and many people say that they become very calm from coloring mandalas. Because mandalas consist of lines, shapes and colors, it is sometimes quite a struggle. But the result is always worth it!
Step 5 Around the small circle, draw motifs that you like, for example the shape of petals or half-moons, more circles or planes. Repeat the pattern in a uniform way, using the straight lines as reference frames. For example, you can draw a flower on each straight line so that you have four around the small circle.
Step 6 Work from the inside out, in a circular motion, from the center circle to the outer edge of the mandala. Take plenty of time with your mandala, repeating the pattern requires calm and attention (which is also why so many people become calm with it).