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Pedro j. ramirez and cruz sanchez de lara speak out

Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada does not sell T-shirts but she has found another product to sell: herself. And if necessary, she will lie to get her new exclusive business off the ground. Last weekend, she and Luis Miguel Rodríguez were among the guests at the wedding of the son of a friend of Pedro J. Ramírez’s ex, the gynecologist Isabel Alonso, a doctor who treats many important women in Madrid and who helped save and bring to the world, Carlitos, the son of María Zurita, niece of King Juan Carlos.
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada has brought out her charitable side and went to the church of San Antón to distribute gifts to vulnerable people with the Three Wise Men. Taking advantage of her presence at this special event, the ex-wife of Pedro J. Ramírez expressed her wishes for 2021 and sent a message of encouragement to King Juan Carlos.
Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada has opened up in an interview in which she has talked about all the sentimental aspects of her life. Not only has she confessed again

Cósima ramírez confirms the break-up between ágatha ruiz de la

Born in Madrid, she spent her childhood and adolescence abroad, first in England and then in the United States, where she studied history at Brown University. “My fantasy was to continue in the academic world, but in the end I decided that I could contribute a lot to my mother’s fashion firm,” confessed Ramirez.    She currently serves as the brand’s Head of International Relations and influencer. “In the studio she’s in charge, it’s an autocracy. I do everything she asks me to do,” she said about her relationship with her mother.
About his media family he said: “When we are in family there are many egos on the table, but what few people know is that we are much more conventional than we seem. My mother seems like a supermodern woman, then she’s more classic, snobbish even… My father is softer, empathetic, approachable. A piece of bread. She’s much tougher, he’s much more liberal.”

Cósima and tristán ramírez joined a new elle challenge.

Tristán has connected from Madrid, and Cósima from London, where she has lived since September, when she decided to take a work break and return to university. “In this confusing moment, I have tried to see the positive side and look for other outlets.” There she follows in the footsteps of Virginia Woolf, a writer she admires for her feminism and sense of humor. “I tend to idealize the past,” she says.
From Agatha Ruiz de la Prada they say they have inherited her sense of humor, optimism and the ability to adapt to any situation. And they have also made her favorite saying their own: “I’m hot, and people laugh”.
And from Pedro J. Ramírez he has inherited a taste for intellectuals and history. “In front of the fast entertainment is the slow consumption of a book”, Cósima assures that although she participated in the program Quien viene a cenar Gourmet edition, her ideal would be a reality show of books “La isla de los intelectuales could be called”, she jokes.

Tristán ramírez talks about the separation from his parents

-I just hope she gets over the upset and realizes how much better off we are all going to be. She is more fun and more modern than my father and she has had to stop in many ways and adapt to his rhythms.
-Indeed. He is still the great love of my life and now it will cost me even more to find a man, because seeing how he is I have few options (laughs). I’m not obsessed with having a partner, although my mother is obsessed with getting married.
-Who isn’t? It’s a healthy thing. The great frivolity of my life was my coming out in Paris, going out in society dressed in a big cheesy dress. It wasn’t my thing at all. I can be very snobbish, but exclusivism above all else doesn’t amuse me. Being with the poshest people on a hunt seems to me to be just as vulgar as the opposite.
Her mother is probably not amused by this interview and Cosima is well aware of that. “I haven’t turned out the way she would like, I’m imperfect and that’s obvious. If I had turned out the way she wanted, I would have been unbearable, a perfect posh girl with my list of suitors well booked”, she sentences with a certain sarcasm. One of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada’s assistants hurries to interrupt her: “But Coco, what a thing to say. Your mother is delighted with you. “Ya, ya,” stammers the irreverent Coco -that’s what her family calls her-.