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We have known for some time that this great series is being filmed again and there are some videos and images that we have seen of this reunion that is delighting the viewers and that we are looking forward to see and enjoy again.
Today, Hugo Silva has posted on his Instagram profile a picture with Michelle Jenner and has announced in style that he has finished shooting the season of ‘Los hombres de Paco’, although the actor to give more intrigue has preferred to play with his fans and not pronounce the name of the series: «@michellejoyjenner and I have finished the season of a series that you will love».

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Jenner comenzó su carrera como actriz de doblaje cuando tenía seis años[2] Entre sus trabajos se encuentran Hermione Granger en las cuatro primeras películas de Harry Potter en catalán y castellano, y Giosué en la película italiana La vida es bella[2] También dobló al personaje principal del videojuego Heavy Rain para PlayStation 3.[1] Puso la voz a Beatrice en el doblaje en castellano de la miniserie de Cartoon Network Over the Garden Wall[6] Dobló a Aloy en Horizon: Zero Dawn (2017) para PS4,[7] y retoma su papel en el DLC Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.[8]
Desde 2013, Michelle Jenner mantiene una relación con Javier García González, un entrenador de perros. En julio de 2019, dio a luz al primer hijo de la pareja, un niño, al que llamaron Hugo García Jenner[9][10].

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In La cocinera de Castamar, Jenner gives life to Clara Belmonte, a woman who arrives in Castamar fleeing from a painful past. There she takes refuge in the kitchen, which she turns into her great passion. She works for the Duke of Castamar (Roberto Enriquez), a widower who will be changed forever by Clara’s arrival. Both fall in love, but have to struggle with their different social positions. Opposite them is Enrique de Arcona (Hugo Silva), who is thirsty for revenge. This time they will not play each other’s love interest -unless something changes in the plot-, but there is nothing left to see the great project together that all fans are waiting for.

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After several relationships with well-known women such as Olivia Molina, Marta Torné, Kira Miró, Hiba Abouk, Mary Ruiz or Marta Guerras, the actor decided to take the path of fatherhood on his own a decade ago.
The character of Guille in Al Salir de Clase made him a phenomenon in the teenage world of the late 90s. Few young girls did not have their folders lined with pictures of Hugo Silva, which quickly led to him being made the star of his own series: Paco y Veva.
Since then he has starred in countless series and films. From Agallas in 2009 to Pedro Almodóvar’s Los amantes pasajeros in 2013 through El cuerpo in 2012, Las brujas de Zugarramurdi in 2013 or Mi Gran noche (2015). Not forgetting his successful Pacino in El Ministerio del Tiempo and his most recent work, La cocinera de Castamar, in which he again coincides with Jenner.