Into the night reparto

Into the night reparto


Together in the night movie

Here you have a list of the actors that take part in the movie Incursion Into The Night and the name of the character they play if available (left column «Actors Incursion Into The Night»), as well as the main technical positions they have been involved in as director, scriptwriter and other departments (right column).
The setting for the action is Norway occupied by German troops. Among the hundreds of detainees in the concentration camps is a Norwegian resistance leader, General Jiding. The British government, concerned about the repercussions that the death of this charismatic general could cause, decides to send a special commando to rescue him. A mission full of difficulties that will become even more complicated when the commando is detected by the Nazis as soon as it lands in Norway.

We in the night cast

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda star in this new film – NETFLIXRobert Redford and Jane Fonda, together again in «We in the Night «The Netflix original film, based on the novel by Kent Haruf, will be released next September 29Madrid.
Netflix «We in the Night,» starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, already has a release date: next September 29. Both actors had already coincided, more than three decades ago, in front of the cameras in films such as «Barefoot in the Park», «The Human Pack» or «The Electric Horseman». Based on the novel by Kent Haruf and adapted by Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber (Under the Same Star), We in the Night takes place in Colorado and begins when Addie Moore (

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The Night We Saved Mom is a comedy that premiered on Netflix on August 21, 2020. The film is directed by Trish Sie, while the script was written by Sarah Rothschild. It is a production oriented to family consumption, as it narrates how a simple sleepover can get out of control due to the secrets that a mother hides about her past.
From the promotional trailers, it was clear to us that this film would have a similar tone to the Mini Spies franchise. It is a light comedy that is not meant to innovate in the genre, but to replicate formulas that have worked for decades on end for these types of productions.
Who said a sleepover can’t be an adrenaline pump? A pair of brothers are ready to spend a night of games and fun with their best friends; however, things will get serious during the night. Everything changes when they learn that their parents have been kidnapped.
Malin Akerman plays Margot, the ex-professional thief mother who is now in big trouble after the return of her henchmen. Meanwhile, Ken Marino plays the clumsy and distracted husband. The siblings are played by Sadie Stanley and Maxwell Simkins.