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When a product sells out wherever it goes, it means there is something good (VERY GOOD) behind it. And it seems that the situation we are living in is the perfect time to fit this piece. It is a makeup fixative mist and, judging by the results, it has been very well received by those who have tried it. Word of mouth has done the rest.we’re talking about the Setting Spray setting spray, by NYX Professional Makeup. With two versions to choose the finish you like best: matte or juicy. It seems that some people don’t want to give up wearing makeup under their mascara and the solution is, without a doubt, a good setting spray.
Well, NYX Professional Makeup’s Setting Spray is one of the favorites. Applied after makeup, about 13 centimeters from the face, it seals all makeup and helps to reinforce and intensify the effect of many other products, such as illuminating powders or juicier foundations (in the case of the spray with a dewy finish). The matte version reinforces the matte effect of foundation products.

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En los términos y condiciones indican claramente que el pedido puede tardar entre 72 y 96 horas en ser entregado. En mi caso han tardado 72 horas.Muy contento con el servicio, además ponen una bolsa de caramelos en la caja 🙂 Todo bien para mí.
Compré muchas cosas en Primor cuando vivía en Fuengirola. Hablaban muy mal inglés, y eran muy poco serviciales. Me recomendaron un tinte para el pelo y me quedó muy mal. Entonces fui allí para que me ayudaran a arreglarlo, pero nadie quiso ayudarme. Salí de allí llorando por su mala educación. No tienen mucha competencia, por lo que volvería a ir allí cuando vuelva a España, pero no seré feliz y no esperaré nada del personal.

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Don’t forgo a makeup setting spray. Their power will not only make your makeup last for hours and hours, they can also moisturize your skin, tighten pores or control shine. Choose the one that best suits your skin.
Making your makeup last a whole night intact starts before the foundation, but the final touch only depends on an essential cosmetic in any cosmetic bag: the makeup fixer sprays that extend the duration of your paint, illuminate,
Clarins Fix Makeup mist fixes makeup and makes it last longer. But it does so while instantly hydrating and soothing the skin thanks to aloe vera and allantoin. Not to mention its irresistible scent with grapefruit extract and organic rose floral water. (30.95 euros at Sephora).
All Nighter by Urban Decay. With more than 70 reviews at Sephora, this spray guarantees a perfect hold for 16 hours, as well as making sure your makeup doesn’t get crusty from your eyes to the dreaded lips that crack when you look at them. (30.95 euros). Shake the contents well and at 20 and 25 cm spray on the face already made up.