Donde vive patry jordan

Donde vive patry jordan


Functional training with patry jordan

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Patry jordan gets the team of “està passant” in shape – està

Potencia-T Live’ is the spectacular Fitness Festival organized by the influencer Patry Jordan. The youtuber, with more than 20 million followers, has exerted all her influence to support the Alpha Project, promoted by the Association of Limb-girdle Muscular Dystrophy, a rare disease that affects a small part of society and that needs resources as soon as possible to bring together affected patients, provide information, and obtain funds for research. This innovative, different and impactful event, whose objective is to generate experiences and learn how to bring out the best version of oneself, also aims to demonstrate that by moving we can achieve great things such as supporting a social cause. More than 3,000 people passed through the fitness festival that was held throughout the day in Barcelona.
Patry Jordan presented her innovative training and nutrition program PGV12, which manages to bring out the best version of oneself within 12 weeks, and perform various sports sessions. For her part, Yoga teacher Xuan Lan, ambassador of the Reebok brand, and who we can currently see in “Operación Triunfo”, has lowered the heart rate with her Mindfulness session “The power of training the mind”.

Patry jordan’s home

“The fact that we chose a Nordic style for a cold area like Andorra, where most of the time it’s cold, can be a bit of a shock. But we were clear that the environment did not have to influence the decoration of our new home.”
“I think it was one of the most difficult in terms of decoration. The main wall where the bed is had a gap that took up almost the entire wall. Because of this, it was impossible to put a headboard, so we chose to replace it with a composition of cushions.”
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6 pm cet – total body with patry jordan

“Today I bring you a cardio routine with exercises to reduce the waist for 30 minutes in addition to eliminate fat and burn those calories that we have left over. Who is up for it?”, commented the youtuber in 2015, when she uploaded this video to her channel, which to this day more than 30 million people have seen.
We started with a simple workout, but this one goes up a notch. This HIIT (high intensity) routine is perfect to fit in as the start or finish to our home workout, as it’s short, but intense. “If you find it hard to stick with the workout, you can do fewer reps or decrease the intensity of the movements,” advises Patry.
If you think that seven minutes of HIIT is too long to train, try reducing the time with this shorter, but very complete routine. But don’t just stick to five minutes of training a day, do more! For example, you can pair this routine with an arm toning routine to complete your fitness session.
The fact that more than 1.5 million people have joined this routine gives us a clue as to why. Yes, cellulite is something that bothers us all a bit, but did you know that exercise helps reduce it? At least in a moderate percentage. So watch out for this cardio workout.