Carolina yuste carmen y lola


Carolina yuste carmen y lola

Carmen machi, nathalie poza and carolina yuste laugh with «viaje al cuarto de una madre».

Yuste beat Anna Castillo, who competed for «Viaje al cuarto de una madre»; Natalia de Molina, for «Quién te cantará» and veteran Ana Wagener, for «El reino».
In «Carmen y Lola», Yuste is Paqui, the social worker who helps the gypsy lesbian couple in the film; she is their support and the breath of fresh air and normality that the girls need, who have been overridden by the oppressive presence of their families and their environment.
Yuste, also a dancer, debuted in 2012 in theater and has continued her career on stage, where she currently plays several characters in «Hablar por hablar», and will soon debut in the TV series «Brigada Costa del Sol».

Presentation of the characters of carmen y lola: lola (clip 5)

Carolina Yuste, who received this February 2 the Goya Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Carmen y Lola, gave thanks for this recognition as she took the stage in a brief speech in which she extolled the role of women.
«I am happy to be in a project in which 70% are women in decision-making positions. When we are given a voice, films like Camen and Lola come out that are capable of changing consciousness and making this a healthier world,» she said.
The award was presented by the entire cast of Campeones and was personally handed over by Gloria Ramos. Its director joked: «We are here to scare Sorogoyen and the rest of the people with whom we share the nomination in case they take home what we would like to take home. Let them be afraid and leave scared».

#63seminci – interview with carolina yuste (22/10/2018

Prostitution: work, exploitation, can it be exercised freely? Who has the power to make a decision on this issue? The debate is neither new nor easy. How does one see the world on the heels of a prostitute?
NATHALIE: What we want is that, to put ourselves in the heels of the women we have met and other testimonies that appear in this show precisely to give them a voice, to put ourselves in their shoes and through that voice, their voice, we know the different positions that these women have. Those who are in favor of abolition, those who want to practice freely?
CAROLINA: I would define it as a debate, without a doubt. It is an honest attempt to put up testimonies of many women who have practiced or are practicing prostitution from different points of view, different stories. I think that is the most valuable part of the show, there is nothing invented. It is their words, what they have said and what they think. And that is precisely what generates the debate. An attempt to destigmatize prostituted women. I remember that one of them once said «because I am a whore, that’s all I am, nothing else. No one can see me in any other way». And it is true. The montage puts its finger on all the sores.

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«I shot El cover and Chavalas at the same time; I had just finished the play Prostitución, with Carmen Machi and Nathalie Poza, and both films stopped. We resumed them at the end of May and June and in July I shot Sevillanas», says the actress.
And, if everything had gone well, the films would have been released one after the other, but «how nice to have come to Malaga -smiles the actress-, I’m so happy that a new film season is starting, and please, that people are encouraged to go to the theaters», she begs.
I ask myself all the time and I know I want to choose things that touch me, it doesn’t always have to be in the same place, but that’s what turns me on and what I like, and that’s why I do this; if I hadn’t been an actress I would have been a social worker.
Yes, of course, that’s how it is (she laughs), although it makes me sad that what I told you means that, it should be absolute cross-cutting. But yes, I try to choose projects that have to do with this. What happens is that sometimes reality is overwhelming and you have to pay rent and you have to live, and help your family, or whatever.