Blue radiance enzymatic serum primor

Blue radiance enzymatic serum primor


Primor the ordinary

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Primor perfume

It is a 3-in-1 product for daily use that will change your face completely, as its functions include exfoliating, rejuvenating and perfecting the complexion. And all this without irritating the skin, something that sensitive skin will especially appreciate. To achieve this, Freshly has developed a technology that is unheard of in the field of natural cosmetics, thus creating the first natural, non-irritating exfoliating serum.
The active ingredients that make up this almost magical product (papaya and pomegranate enzymes, Australian lime caviar, black willow bark…) are a plant-based alternative to classic exfoliants that leave skin red, tight and irritated. Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum, on the other hand, offers a deep exfoliation that benefits skin renewal while treating acne, blackheads, open pores, blemishes and redness, and reduces wrinkles by providing deep hydration that promotes facial smoothness. The result? Perfect skin!

Freshly cosmetics

Natural cosmetics is the order of the day and quite some time ago the brand FRESHLY contacted me to collaborate together (this is not the case of this post; this post is NOT a collaboration) and after receiving some of them and finding that my skin reacted very well, I decided to go ahead and how well I did! because thanks to those collaborations I got to know the brand in depth and I have come to know such fantastic treasures as the serum I’m going to tell you about today.
Usually this type of product tends to irritate sensitive or reactive skins like mine. I have to be very careful with enzymatic exfoliants because depending on their intensity they can sting in areas like my cheeks, but what makes this one so different is that they have achieved a NON IRRITATING exfoliating serum.
The texture is very pleasant and not greasy at all. It is a liquid with a light gel texture, dense enough so that it does not slip when you turn the bottle upside down, but light enough to spread it on the face and you feel water; very nice.

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I give up, at least for now, because you already know me and I never take «no» for an answer, hahaha. Because, despite what the recommendations say, despite the fact that «it takes fifteen days for the hair to get rid of silicones and all the chemicals», bah. I’ve been, as I say, in this situation for months. And for months I’ve had the horrible feeling that I DON’T HAVE CLEAN HAIR.
I started with an Inuit Soap and it was a failure. I already failed with the Lush solids as well. I have tried Organic Shop, Natura Estonica, Natura Siberica… I don’t know how many others. Well, with all of them more or less the same. Well, the more artificial they were, the better my hair felt, that’s for sure.
I warn you from now on. No matter how much Botaniq says, this is not a natural cosmetics line. It is true that the products contain natural ingredients, but also a lot of chemicals, so it is not natural at all. The good thing is that they are free of silicones, parabens and colorants.
And now I will tell you what happened with them. I have not used them all at once, obviously, I have left a few days of space between them for my hair to get used to them, as I do with the new facial products I try. But my opinion is as follows, read on, please….