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Game of thrones gif


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For this reason, today we are going to recommend some platforms where you can find and upload GIFs of ‘Game of Thrones’, as these moving images are able to summarize unforgettable scenes in just a few seconds.
They claim that every day hundreds of thousands of users access, who share around 1,000 million GIFs. In addition, this platform is integrated into the main messaging applications, so the GIFs we find and upload can be used comfortably in other tools.
Reddit is a platform full of ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, and the best proof is that there are many communities (subreddits) dedicated to this series. Week after week, users share hundreds of memes and GIFs related to the episode that has just been released.
Along with GIPHY, Gfycat is one of the most popular platforms for finding and uploading GIFs. They claim that their mission is to provide users with «more playback options and in a faster and more efficient way».

Game of thrones season 6: march madness promo (hbo

His animations capture the most unexpected moments of the main characters of season 6 of Game of Thrones. A work that becomes a good tribute to the series and summarizes the season in an original way. Of course we who are big fans of this series have loved it.
From the revelation of Melisandre in the first chapter to the fate that awaits Ramsay Bolton in the «Battle of the Bastards», Eran Mendel takes up with talent the most important moments of this season, marked by surprising revelations and the unexpected return of some characters.

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Even ‘The Washington Post’ has made a spectacular interactive graphic to count all the deaths. In the first season 58 died, including Ned Stark, whose beheading marked a turning point in the series. It served to let all viewers know that no one is safe. In the second season they ‘killed’ 130 and in the third, 86, with that bloody wedding that shocked Westeros.
Tyrion always in the center of the target. He is not handsome or strong like his brothers, but he has something more powerful: his intelligence. He has always been blamed for being a dwarf and in the end of the fourth season he decides to settle the score. But not everything goes through him in the disputes. Incest is also present in that relationship that Jaime and Cercei Lannister maintain, which had a very controversial moment for American papists when a rape occurred.
«I like it for the sex,» says tersely a girl in Madrid’s Gran Via. After seeing Khaleesi with Khal Drogo, it was hard for anyone to be grossed out. But actress Emilia Clarke has now become a bit picky and doesn’t want nudity. In fact she refused to star in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’.

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Eran Mendel is a young creative, illustrator and animator based in Tel Aviv, author of the animations that we leave you below these lines. It is a series that he has been making week by week with some of the most significant moments of the episodes of Game of Thrones.
Mendel also has others of the same theme in which he shows with great humor and a fresh and fun animation other highlights of the series. In some he reminds us of great characters that we left behind (as we have become accustomed to in this series by George R.R. Martin) and finally others bring us funny situations with the most prominent characters of the series in the form of a loop.
We have for example the Night King walking with Bran feeding crows. Daenerys jumping burning cauldrons. From the new season we have Sam healing Ser Jorah or Sam himself in an allegory of his training in Citadel, Grey Worm and Missandei very happy or the Lannister army succumbing to the Targaryen fire. Which is your favorite?