Frases de nacho vegas

Frases de nacho vegas


Fear and loathing in las vegas clip – hitchhiker (1998)

Existence is basically made up of them. In drunken nights, in sex, in love… The Hypothetical Beings live there, disillusioning, despairing and, in short, despairing us. The Unmemorable Beings, however, also live in drunken nights, and in sex and even in love. In the same places, though in different dimensions.
How to deal with them? How to face time with what does not exist and what we wish did not exist? Who would win in a war between imagination and oblivion? And yet we yearn for one and despise the other only when it comes to the other. What is one for oneself? A frustration. And what would you like to do but cannot? Forget oneself. Is boredom a solution? Have my head cut off.

Fear and loathing in las vegas clip – carnaval (1998)

Aquí en Borracha, si hay algo que nos gusta tanto como la cocina mexicana, tiene que ser la auténtica bebida mexicana. Por supuesto, para nosotros los mexicanos, esto significa un amor por el tequila. Es por eso que en nuestros eventos de Martes de Taco y Tequila, tenemos ofertas masivas que incluyen tacos, tequila y margaritas por sólo $24.
Sí, usted puede disfrutar de todo lo que puede comer y beber tacos, Sauza Blue Tequila y margaritas cada martes por la noche aquí en Borracha. Esto no es todo lo que hace que nuestra noche de Tacos y Tequila sea tan especial. También tenemos un cóctel especial “Borracha Sunset” por sólo $10, que está hecho con Tequila Espion Blanco y ron… también tenemos el evento perfecto para cuando estás bebiendo tequila-un DJ en vivo. Todos los martes después de las 7 PM, nuestro DJ en vivo tomará la palabra y realmente hará que su noche de martes vaya en la dirección correcta.
Sabemos que esta es una de las mejores ofertas de tacos y tequila en la ciudad y que nuestros increíbles especiales de tequila es lo que lo hace tan increíble. Así que, en honor a nuestra noche de tacos y a nuestros especiales de tequila de 24 dólares, hemos decidido destacar 24 de nuestras citas de tequila favoritas.

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Nacho vegas best quotes

“With the subtle, raw and revolutionary tone that he also exudes in his songs, Nacho Vegas refers in Reanudación de las hostilidades to a world of love and heartbreak, encounters and misencounters, losses, childhood memories, addictions, loneliness and heroes and heroines. Structured as if it were a war, its three parts (‘Los términos del conflicto’, ‘La contienda’ and ‘Capitulación’) fight almost a battle with each other: poems and stories that portray Nacho Vegas’ most intimate self.”
I guess it’s that duality that makes me have a conflict of opinions about this book, with pages that I love and others that have left me totally indifferent. Sometimes it is good to tackle many fronts, but in others, the result is a lost war. I recommend it for those of you who really enjoy the reflections and are open to different, innovative and very, very transgressive publications.    Personally, I really enjoyed the final part and I did not find a great interest in the intermediate texts, those that cover several pages and seem to want to tell you something but do not end up connecting. I would even say that they are too much for me. As for the more poetic part, it hides great truths and jewels more than worthy of your time.